Broadband & Telephony

JAM-TEK offer a wide range of IT Services from Hosting to fully managed Support packages.

Enterprise Grade Services

We offer a wide range of high grade communication services carefully selcted or built in house to ensure we deliver robust and reliable services designed for business.

Broadband – We ofer two flavours of broadband Fixed line and Mobile Brodband. With our 25+ years experiance in providing Broadband Services to business we pride ourselfs on our ability to provide the correct equpment and service for your business

Telephony – From mobiles to enterprise grade VoIP systems we can provide your buisness with the perfect communications systems. The world has moved on from the static Office. Our telephony systems offer cutting edge technology, allowing your business to be flexible and efficient.

Key Features


Fixed Line

  • Enterpise grade equipment
  • Business minded suppliers
  • One month contracts where possible
  • Great Value
  • One stop shop for your support

Mobile 4G/5G

  • Professional Installations
  • Plug and Go
  • Unlimited Data Packages
  • One stop shop for your support
  • Great Value
  • Enterprise grade equipment
  • Business WiFi



  • Scalable Solutions
  • Full PBX Managment
  • Fully Cloud Based
  • Desk Phones
  • Mobile Softphone App
  • Windows/Apple Desktop Softphone App
  • Voicemail to E-Mail
  • CRM Integrations
  • One stop shop for your support


  • Carrier Agnostic
  • Felxible Contracts
  • One stop shop for your support

One Stop Shop

We recognise the frustrations of managing IT. We understand the pain of dealing with muliple suppliers. We often see one supplier blaming another. Our aim is to take all these unnecessary hurdles and complications away by offering multiple IT services in one package with one bill.

We also offer supplier managment services – we will work with your suppliers on your behalf to mange licensing, purchases, implentation and support. 

IT Support Packages

Premium Support Packages

Remote and Onsite Support

Business focussed Support and Solutions

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