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JAM-TEK offer a wide range of IT Services from Hosting to fully managed Support packages.

Our aim is to simplfy your IT

…ensuring your business can operate effectively knowing your IT systems have the stabilty to handle your day to day operations.

Our Directors both have extensive knowledge of working within high preasured businesses and there goal has always been to ensure the customer has access to the information and systems they need on a day to day basis.



The key to our success is the lengths we go to to support your enviroment.

We dont just want to be a break/fix IT company. Our aim is to understand the impact, failing IT has on your business and ensure your services are restored as quickly as possible.

Once services are restored, we asses your services to see if can impletment further preventative measures.

For our support contract customers we apply proactive measures to ensure their IT enviroment is not only effective but also efficient.


We operate Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 contactable via Phone, Email and various messages services.

For our contract customers we operate an out of office emergancy contact service.

We are always happy to visit customers to resolve issues, we also operate a highly secure remote access system to allow quick and efective resolutions to your IT issues.

We also operate a drop of service, allowing you to drop off your equpiment at our offices near Woodbridge

IT Support Packages

Premium Support Packages

Remote and Onsite Support

Business focussed Support and Solutions

One Stop Shop

We recognise the frustrations of managing IT. We understand the pain of dealing with muliple suppliers. We often see one supplier blaming another. Our aim is to take all these unnecessary hurdles and complications away by offering multiple IT services in one package with one bill.

We also offer supplier managment services – we will work with your suppliers on your behalf to mange licensing, purchases, implentation and support. 

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