JAM-TEK offer a wide range of IT Services from Hosting to fully managed Support packages.

Security is at the heart of what we do.

….Security is often overlooked as a service, but its importance is of the highest priority for JAM-TEK. All of our products from WiFi to Office365 are designed with the latest security techniques in mind. 

We have carfully selected enterprise grade security solutions for our customers. Along side our security products we also offer guidence and consultancy to esure our customers understand the risk and best practices when it comes to securing company and personal data.



Data security is becoming an ever increasing threat for businesses. At JAM-TEK we use our expertise to ensure your business is protected from potential threats, we tackle security in three ways

  • Education – We ensure you and your staff understand how human interaction with technology is the common cause of most security attacks
  • Prevention – Installation and configuration of technical security controls throughout your IT infrastructure.
  • Mitigation – In the event of an attack, we can ensure your critical business data is protected and restorable


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We recognise the frustrations of managing IT. We understand the pain of dealing with muliple suppliers. We often see one supplier blaming another. Our aim is to take all these unnecessary hurdles and complications away by offering multiple IT services in one package with one bill.

We also offer supplier managment services – we will work with your suppliers on your behalf to mange licensing, purchases, implentation and support. 

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